Yamination Studios is an animation studio currently situated in Birmingham, West Midlands, specialising in stop-motion/frame animation, but also covering other forms. The studio offers additional aspects of production and design from character/set/prop design, illustration, storyboarding, scriptwriting, to character/set/prop construction and editing.

Founded in 2009 by Black Country born Drew Roper, a multi-award winning Stop-motion/frame animator, Yamination Studios was created to spread the joy, charm and originality of animation for many years to come.

Yamination Studios takes its name from the term “yam yam”, a phrase used to refer to people born and bred in the Black Country and their colloquial speech patterns. Through mixing the two (yam yam and animation) together Yamination Studios was born and has become the perfect combination to represent founder Drew Roper’s passion and character which he brings to his work.